DCW MVP’s championship drive helps Oxon Hill golf team shine

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This week’s DCW MVP got her start on the golf course at just 5 years old and that helped Morgan Miner have an immediate impact on the Oxon Hill High School girls golf team.

After just a couple of tournaments during her freshman year Miner had already qualified for the Maryland State Tournament.

As she ends her senior year, coaches say Miner deserves recognition not just for how well she plays but how her game has helped inspire several other young ladies to join the golf team.

“She's put the team on her back at Oxon Hill High golf program and said, ‘I will represent,’” said Alva Amaker, athletic director for the Prince George’s County School.

Miner won the Prince George’s county tournament all four years she was in school, won county season titles three times and earned a spot in four state tournaments.

Miner says it takes focus and determination to maintain that high standard.

“I'm very comfortable within myself golf is a sport where you have to be comfortable with yourself— it's a one-man game,” said Miner.

Amaker points out that often golf is seen as a man’s game. She said Miner has helped break that stereotype and helped motivate other girls her age to push for success on the golf course.

“It shows that one— females do play golf,” said Amaker. “Two— African American females do play golf. That it’s achievable and be good but you can really go in an excel, too.”