Crack, heroin, weed and oxy found at Anne Arundel day care

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The items police found at the day care

ANNE ARUNDEL, Md. — Police have arrested two people after a search early Friday morning led them to discovering drugs, drug paraphernalia and evidence of drug distribution at a licensed child care facility in Pasadena.

They found seven capsules containing traces of heroin, two bags of crack cocaine, 20 Oxycodone pills, several grams of marijuana, several Tramadol pills, distribution paraphernalia such as digital scales and packing materials, and more than $700 cash. The facility is located at 7844 Centergate Court.

Police took precautions to make sure the search warrant was executed early in the morning, before any children had arrived for the day. Social Services was notified about what police found and has opened an investigation into the facility.

Two suspects were taken into custody: Bruce Dabrasky Jr., 37, and Elizabeth Ocus, 34. They have both been charged with multiple counts of possession, possession with intent to distribute, and reckless endangerment.


Bruce Debrasky (L) and Elizabeth Ocus (R)