Man sentenced to life without parole for murdering ex-girlfriend in Target parking lot

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ROCKVILLE, Md. -- Judge Joseph Dugan sentenced Donald Bricker Jr., 29, to life without parole, Thursday.

“That sentence effectively will mean that the defendant will die in jail and never be a free man again,” announced Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy, at a press conference immediately following the sentencing.

In June 2015, Bricker admitted to murdering his 24-year-old ex-girlfriend, Shade Adebayo, in a Germantown Target parking lot.

“People witnessed and saw the execution of this young woman in broad daylight,” emphasized McCarthy.

Prosecutors said Bricker and Adebayo were arguing in a car.  When Adebayo got out of the car and ran, Bricker shot her in the back.  The 24-year-old then fell to the ground and, and witnesses said Bricker walked up to his ex, and shot her in the face.

Court documents show Bricker fled the scene in pick-up truck, lead officers on a chase, and ultimately crashed his vehicle.  Bricker was taken to a hospital where he was arrested and questioned by police.  Video taken while Bricker was in the hospital shows him confessing to the murder.

While Adebayo’s family and friends said they were thankful the judge gave Bricker the maximum sentence, the victim’s mom, Cassandra Atkens, said they were still a long way from being healed.

“It does not take a day to forget the love you had for someone for 24 years, it never goes a way, any mother will understand what I’m saying right now,” Atkens said through tears.

Bricker was sentenced to life with out parole, the maximum sentence in the sate of Maryland.  Prior to being sentenced, Bricker was given the chance to address the court.  He talked for nearly an hour, but never apologized to Shade’s grieving family or showed any remorse.  A point Judge Joseph Dugan made clear when sentencing the defendant.