Hundreds of people evicted from Manassas mobile home park

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MANASSAS, Va. -- About 300 people are being evicted from a East End Mobile Home Park in Manassas.


“We made our trailer different when we first started living here it was trash, we fixed the porch, we fixed the roof, we put in new windows, everything is new,” said Keyri Jaimes.


Jaimes’ family has lived in East End Mobile Home Park for 15 years, and like most other families in the park, they have put their all into their homes.


However, the mobile home park owners are selling the land to the city after not being able to pay for necessary repairs to the sewer and water systems.


According to a written notice from the city of Manassas, the contract and state law require 180 days notice to tenants saying their leases will end.  That notice was given Monday, and all 300 people have until February 28th to be out.


“You don’t just think about yourself right now you think about others too.  The other people that are living here, where ae they going to go?” Jaimes said through tears.


Community advocates from CASA, said the families are on the verge of  losing everything.  They have do not have money for a new place, and moving their trailers to another lot is too expensive.


“We looked at a couple of estimates, they range from $10 thousand dollars to $30 thousand dollars, so who is going to cover that?” expressed Luis Aguilar, CASA advocacy specialist.


CASA representatives said they will fight for this situation to be handled in a way that is fair for the families that are affected.  CASA is asking the city to pay for the necessary infrastructure changes so families can stay in East End Mobile Home Park, or transfer all 60 families to new homes free of charge.


The city is planning a community informational meeting for park residents.