Agencies execute train derailment drill on Yellow Line

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WASHINGTON, DC. -- Several local agencies worked together Sunday to stage a Metro train derailment on the Yellow Line Bridge to test response time and agency cooperation in a real emergency.

Volunteers acted as victims, being assigned various injuries to simulate the necessity for medical triage in a real derailment.

More than 100 emergency crews gathered to participate in the exercise, from the following agencies:

  • Metro Transit Police
  • Arlington County Fire
  • DC Fire and EMS
  • Alexandria Fire Department
  • US Park Police
  • US Park Service
  • Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Fire and Rescue
  • Prince George’s County Fire Department

The staged derailment took place on the elevated track over the Potomac approaching Pentagon Station. Service was suspended between L'Enfant Plaza and the Pentagon Station from 8:30 a.m. until 2 p.m.