Mechanic: Resurrection – Statham Good, Movie Bad – Review

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Jason Statham stars as Bishop – a legendary assassin for hire who has left it all behind.  Tired of killing for a living, he has let everyone believe he is dead, so he can live a life of peace and leisure in exotic locales.

However, his top rival, Crain (Sam Hazeldine), knows the truth and wants to use Bishop for his own evil intentions, so the bad guy kidnaps Bishop’s new girlfriend, Gina (Jessica Alba), and orders him to carry out three hits.  If Bishop can make each one happen and make each one look like an accident, Gina will be set free.

Mechanic: Resurrection is a ridiculous movie.

Director Dennis Gansel along with writers Philip Shelby and Tony Mosher deliver an inept film that never would have seen the light of day if someone didn’t pony up a ton of money to bring in Statham and his supporting cast.

It’s a badly told story as Gansel and team focus much too long on Bishop’s burgeoning romance with Gina, which leads to them rushing the action portions of Mechanic: Resurrection.

Did anyone who bought a ticket to this movie come in hoping to see a love story?

They want to see Statham kick booty, and we don’t get enough time to let the booty kicking mean anything.

The three hits are never fully explored for the audience.  Each one could have been a stand alone movie with much more planning and plotting to build up the tension and suspense, as well giving us a strong idea of what makes Bishop so good at what he does (instead of tiny little glimpses here and there).  It would have given Gansel and the team more time to let the audience in on why Crain wants to get rid of these people or explain what makes each one a target.

Instead, we are left to admire Statham for making the movie anything close to watchable as he parades around with his patented machismo and fists of fury.

Then, we get to see Tommy Lee Jones having more fun than we have ever seen from him in a movie as he shows up and camps it up as one of Bishop’s targets.

Mechanic: Resurrection is a lazy movie.

1waffles_sml1 Waffle (Out of 4)

Mechanic: Resurrection is rated R for violence throughout and language.