Sausage Party – As Filthy As They Want To Be – Review

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In this twisted animated tale, Seth Rogen stars as Frank – a hot dog/sausage who dreams of the day he and his package of hot dog buddies are chosen by the Gods and taken to the Great Beyond (which means some human buys them at the grocery store and takes them home).

Not only will Frank and his buddies fulfill their destiny and enter into this heavenly place, it means our hero will end up with Brenda (Kristin Wiig) – a sexy hot dog bun in the package next to Frank in the store.

However, Frank and Brenda become separated from their packages just when they are chosen, which leads them on a wild odyssey throughout the grocery store to seek the truth about what they have believed in their entire lives.  The truth may be too much for them to handle.

What really happens to the products chosen to go to the Great Beyond?

Can the grocery store items find a way to fight back?

Sausage Party is the most imaginative, wildest concept in many many years.

It also is the filthiest movie you have seen in years and years.

Sometimes, that’s great.  Other times, it feels gratuitous.

Demented, twisted comedy can be some of the best if you have a sense of humor like mine, so get ready to laugh.  The anthropomorphism of the grocery items is spot on as each character has a unique, stunning, hilarious personality that adds to the warped world we are witnessing on the screen.

The writing team uses every shocking situation to make Sausage Party memorable as they straddle many genres from horror film to stoner movie to a traditional battle between good and evil.

However, it feels like overkill by the end.

Eventually, the focus shifts from telling a funny story to being as obscene and graphic as possible.  I know Sausage Party is not made for kids, but they don’t have to try so hard to prove it.

3waffles_sml3 Waffles  (Out of 4)

Sausage Party is rated R for strong crude sexual content, pervasive language, and drug use.