Mother says her toddler was nearly hit by stray bullet that came through their ceiling

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WASHINGTON -- A mother who lives in Southeast, said her 2-year-old son was nearly shot in the head, Sunday, by a stray bullet.

“I’m still in shock, my adrenaline is pumping, just the thought of what happened, I mean what if he had been hit?” said the mother who wanted to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

“The bullet came from the ceiling right here and shot all the way right here through the couch and went to my son’s tablet and his face was right there next to the tablet,” she told to DCW50.

“I just jumped up and ran and grabbed him and dragged him, like I literally dragged him.”

The terrified mother said everything happened so fast, she hid with her son in the back room.

“Then my son opened his fist and showed me a huge bullet that was in his hand, and I was like oh my God,” the woman explained.

She says that is when she realized it may have come from a gun that went off in the apartment above her unit.

The mother said she no longer feels safe, she worries she cannot even protect her toddler in their own home.

Metropolitan Police said a police report was filed and they are investigating.