Arrest made in pipe bombing of Thurmont, Md. police vehicle

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THURMONT, MD -- An arrest was made Friday night after a pipe bomb was detonated on the hood of a marked Thurmont, Md. Police Department vehicle Wednesday night.

Kyle Rutger Mueller, 22, of Thurmont, was arrested in Thurmont and has been charged with four counts related to the manufacturing, storing, possessing and using a destructive device; reckless endangerment; and two counts of malicious destruction of property.

Thurmont Police Chief said this case had some people in the town afraid to leave their homes and Mueller's arrest will be them at ease.

"Some people don’t think that’s going to happen in a small town. It does happen and we’ve seen it," added Chief Greg Eyler.

Lead investigator Det. Jody Maybush said they connected Mueller to the explosion by a discarded bag from Burger King that had a receipt in it. Maybush said they reached out to gun and hardware stores in the area and found Mueller had purchased the materials necessary for a pipe bomb at several stores. At one, he purchased the materials with a debit card and they matched the numbers on that receipt with the one numbers on the receipt from the Burger King bag.

Mueller was actually spotted by the police at the same Burger King by police on Friday night and was arrested a short time later.

Maybush said after he was arrested, Mueller admitted to building the pipe bomb.

"According to him, his plan was not to target a police vehicle," added Maybush.

When asked how much credence he gave that statement, Maybush said that the pipe bomb wasn't tossed out a car window, but was deliberately placed. He added that Mueller has had run-ins with police in the past, including a traffic stop with the officer whose car he's alleged to have detonated the pipe bomb on.

"So as far as credence to that statement or that answer to his interview, I would have to suggest otherwise," added Maybush.

Mueller is being held at the Frederick County Detention Center on a $300,000 bond.