Ellicott City: Buildings on verge of collapsing, 5 million gallons of sewage flowing into Patapsco River

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ELLICOTT CITY, Md. -- Wednesday, Howard County police released audio of the frantic phone calls that poured into the 911 center, the moment people realized the magnitude of what was happening in Ellicott City Saturday night.


Four days later, Main Street was still blocked on all sides.  County officials said buildings were on the verge of collapsing so they cleared out the entire area.


While the city was working hard to recover, families and business owners were trying to process what had happened.


“I just found out they’ve closed Main Street again because of three or four buildings that are in danger of collapsing,” said Ellicott City business owner and architect, Rob Brennan.


“I understand the magnitude of the destruction, the sidewalks were gone the street had collapsed, so really it is not safe for people to go down there and see their businesses or homes,” said Brennan.


The storm also damaged a sewage line.  County officials said because of the damage, each day, about 5 million gallons of raw sewage spill into the Patapsco River.


The flood took lives, homes, and even destroyed infrastructure but the people who live and work in the town banned together.


“My friends were displaced in the flood and they are down there cleaning up their house, or what’s left of it. They are starting from scratch so we are really just getting together just the basics, some bedding some food, whatever they need,” said Christine Sandberg with Rescue Well.