Man sentenced after shoe prints found at scene, victim recognizes him from school

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ROCKVILLE, Md. -- A man convicted of beating a mother inside her own home while she was holding her baby was sentenced in Montgomery County Circuit Court Monday.

Devonte Dixon, 24, convicted of home invasion and armed robbery maintained his innocence.  However, prosecutors said the victim recognized her attacker and used Facebook to lead police to make an arrest.

“This is one of those cases where there are multiple arrows pointing in the defendant’s direction, saying he did it,” said Ramon Korinoff with the Sate Attorney’s Office, following the sentencing.

Dixon was sentenced to serve 12 years behind bars for armed robbery and home invasion.

Court documents describe the day back in November, stating when the defendant and another suspect busted into a Germantown apartment, Dixon beat a woman while she was holding her baby.

The victim told police, Dixon kept demanding money while he struck her with his fists.  She also said she recognized the suspect from middle school, she then opened her yearbook and matched Dixon to a Facebook profile, which helped detectives in their investigation.

Prosecutors said a pair of Jordans were a major part of the State’s case against Dixon because his shoe prints were left at the scene.

Cell phone video that showed a group of men, including the defendant, running after and eventually beating a person, was another key piece of evidence presented in court.

At the time of the November home invasion, Dixon had only been out of jail for about month, he was serving a sentence for the assault incident.

“Irony of irony is, he was part of a robbery for some sneakers and later on, he was convicted -- in large measure, due to a sneaker print on a door,” explained Korionoff.

Dixon’s attorney said he planned to file for an appeal.