University of Maryland students robbed at gunpoint while playing Pokemon Go

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- Pokemon Go, the popular new smartphone game that has reportedly been downloaded by more than 15 million people, is leading to some dangerous situations for players.

Police said four University of Maryland students reported being robbed on campus Tuesday night, three of them at gunpoint.

“A total of four victims, all but one were playing Pokemon Go.  The fourth victim had his phone out and was looking at it,” said University of Maryland Campus Police Chief David Mitchell.

The game encourages players to go out into their real world communities, in this case, around campus, to catch virtual Pokémon creatures.

The game, just a week old has already been linked to safety issues.

“Our concern is that this app could be used to lure people into a darkened area,” explained Chief Mitchell.

Another concern police have about the game is, if players want to battle other Pokémon they may have to meet up with complete strangers.

In the Pokémon Go world, these meeting locations are called gyms.

Campus police said they have been in touch with the app makers to find out who downloaded the app and where they are located.  They also said were preparing to beef up patrols on campus.

“We will be able to monitor Pokémon Go and see where these stations are on campus, keeping in mind that they change every 30 minutes,” explained Mitchell.

Police are still looking for a suspect, they said the same description came from all four victims, a male, slight build, dark clothing, white tennis shoes and a mask.