Prince William County police warn that fireworks can terrify pets

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Photo credit: Prince William County PD

PRINCE WILLIAM CO., VA – Prince William County police have some advice for pet owners: beware of fireworks.

According to police, July 5th can be a busy day at the Prince William County Animal Shelter. They take in many animals that run away during fireworks displays on July 4th. Sometimes these companion animals are found miles from home, disoriented and exhausted. Police warn that your pets’ fears can drive them to jump fences or break leashes and leads.

Police say that if your pet is upset by thunder or other loud noises, Fourth of July fireworks can really stir its noise phobia.  They recommend that pet owners take the following precautions:

  • Keep your pets inside. They wont enjoy the fireworks display, so you should leave them at home where they are shielded from loud noises and high temperatures.
  • If loud noises upset your pets, do not leave them alone while you are out celebrating. Make sure someone can stay with them.
  • If you think your pets should be tranquilized, consult your veterinarian before the Fourth.
  • Contact an animal behaviorist to work with your pets and their fears.

Should you need to look for your companion animal or livestock, start by calling the Prince William County Animal Shelter.

Call 703-792-6465 for more information, or visit the Prince William County Police Department’s Facebook page and their website.