Heat index sparks worry about dehydration, heat exhaustion around the District

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Washington DC -- The warning was issued and the temperature was hot but the numbers didn't seem to add up to a full scale heat emergency day.

The National Weather Service reported an 88 degree day and heat index of 97 degrees which activated the Heat Emergency Plan in DC Saturday.

Anytime the temperature or heat index rises above 95 residents are encouraged to limit their time in the sun, drink plenty of water and take advantage of senior and community centers for relief if their homes don't have air conditioning.

If you need help identifying the nearest center to your home, call 311.

DC Fire and EMS also urged Washington DC residents not to use fire hydrants to cool down. They said the water could flood streets and effect water service in the neighborhood.

The good news is calls for medical help were on par with Friday, a significantly cooler day.

While many people may have avoided the heat of the day, we found plenty of people enjoying the early evening down at the Georgetown waterfront.