Close friend of woman murdered in laundry room speaks out

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ADELPHI, Md. -- On Memorial Day, investigators said 29-year-old Ashley Solano’s badly beaten body was found in a laundry room in the 7400 block of 18th Avenue in Adelphi, Maryland.


Two days later police charged 46 year old Stephen Nurse with first and second degree murder.


“Police were saying her face was unrecognizable, I can’t understand how he could do this to her,” one of Solano’s close friends, who wanted to remain anonymous, said in an exclusive interview with DCW50.


Police and family friends said Solano and Nurse were once in a relationship, and had a child together.


Solano’s friend told DCW50, that Solano and Nurse spent a lot of time together, so she was surprised that Nurse was not at the crime scene, grieving with the rest of their friends. She said, instead she found Nurse at his family owned business.


“I went back there, he was sleeping on the couch and I said Stephen, have you talked to Ashley? Have you seen Ashley?”


Solano’s friend said that is when she noticed Nurse’s hands.


“I saw Stephen’s hands, his hands were swollen and he had gashes in his hands.”


PGPD eventually arrested Nurse, 46, of Riverdale and charged him with first and second degree murder in connection with the death of his ex-girlfriend, 29 year-old, Ashley Solano.


Nurse is being held in jail without bond.