Traveling This Summer? A Guide to the 51 (including DC) Best Burgers by State! YUM.

Check out this article from Business Insider – a guide to the Best Burgers in every state in the nation.



The Best Burger In Every State


MARYLAND: Baltimore’s Abbey Burger Bistro prides itself on the build-your-own method: you can choose from beef, chicken, bison, kangaroo, and a range of other meats and top to your heart’s content to make the burger of your dreams.

VIRGINIA: Serving hamburgers massive enough to split, Leesburg’s super-popular Melt Gourmet Cheeseburgers is the real deal, according to diners. Melt Gourmet won best burger in its county, boasting freshly baked buns and creative concoctions, like the lump crab and Tex-Mex burgers.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: BGR: The Burger Joint only uses free-roaming, grain-fed cattle with no hormones, fillers, or antibiotics. They grill their beefy patties over an open flame and get their fresh buns delivered daily. Their “Legend” is served with prime, dry-aged beef, and you can add your own toppings like Applewood bacon or grilled pineapple.

DELAWARE: Union City Grille chars its Angus burgers on the grill and tops them with cheese. Its burgers are so popular that last year it won the People’s Choice award in Wilmington’s annual Burger Battle.


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