Oscar Snubs and Shocks!

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Christian Bale;Amy Adams

Bad Grandpa got more Oscar nominations this morning than Tom Hanks.  Let that sink in for a moment.

Oscar nomination day is always the most exciting and controversial day of the Oscar awards season, and this year’s nominations didn’t disappoint.  It was a morning where you have to recognize the changing of the generations in Hollywood when Jonah Hill emerges to become a 2-time Oscar nominee, while Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey suddenly have no reason to attend the Oscar ceremony March 2.

What are the biggest surprises?

Tom Hanks Snubbed!

With Tom Hanks (Captain Phillips), Bruce Dern (Nebraska) and Robert Redford (All Is Lost) all fighting for the same diminishing group of older voters, only Dern had enough support to join Chiwetal Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave), Leonardo DiCaprio(Wolf Of Wall Street), Christian Bale(American Hustle) and Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club) as nominees for Best Actor.

Hanks seemed like a lock for Captain Phillips after securing a Screen Actors Guild nomination (a big deal, since many of these voters also vote for the Oscars) and he is TOM HANKS, but none of that mattered.  While the movie was nominated for Best Picture, no nomination for Hanks nor for director Paul Greengrass means support for Captain Phillips is not strong among Academy voters.

Oprah Winfrey Snubbed!

No Oprah Winfrey nomination!  I didn’t think her performance would lead to an Oscar nomination, but I thought her Oprahness would.  She landed a Screen Actors Guild nomination and I felt the Academy members would love to have her in the running for the attention and ratings, but Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine) gets that nomination instead.  Oprah has the aura and stardom around her, but it wasn’t enough to woo the Academy voters.

Jonah Hill Is a 2-Time Oscar Nominee!

And, Jonah Hill scores his second nomination for his supporting performance in Wolf Of Wall Street.  Daniel Bruhl (Rush) was considered a dark horse contender after earning a Screen Actors Guild nomination, and many had their eyes on Tom Hanks as Walt Disney for Saving Mr. Banks, but Hill, who was heavily featured in the ads for Wolf Of Wall Street, gets nomination number 2.

Saving Mr. Banks Snubbed!

Over the past few weeks, the anti-Disney campaign was raging, and it took down the movie’s star, Emma Thompson, with it.  All of the complaints about Saving Mr. Banks revolved around this idea that the Walt Disney portrayed on the screen was a nice, cartoonishly kind version of the real man, who the haters feel is an ogre.

Meryl Streep even publicly stated Disney was a “gender bigot” and highlighted his membership in a group that had anti-Semitic beliefs (this is more in dispute, as you can see in this great article from William Bigelow).  All of the controversy submarined any chance Saving Mr. Banks would have at a Best Picture nomination, which seemed likely early in the awards season.  Oscar campaigning is dirtier than anything you will see in modern politics.  This is a reminder.

What To Watch For Oscar Night

When Amy Adams was nominated for Best Actress in American Hustle, my antenna went up.  She was the one member of the cast who was likely to be shut out for a nomination, but there she is with the rest of the cast, and the director and the writing team.  She rode their coattails to a nomination.

That doesn’t happen very often, so you better watch out for American Hustle on Oscar night.  Remember, writers nominate writers.  Actors nominate actors, etc., so, if you get nominations in all of the categories (all acting categories, writing and directing), you have seen strong support for your movie throughout the entire Academy, and that can lead to Oscar gold.  I am not ready to predict it to be the winner, yet, (you need to watch out for 12 Years A Slave) but American Hustle has to be one of the frontrunners.

Onward to March 2!!!!!   See all of the nominees right here.

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