NewPlus’ Robin Hamilton Visits the 80’s in Flashdance- The Musical

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Just the other day, I had a chance to go back in time.

It was the 1980’s, and MTV was a new sensation on television.  Breakdancing was big and hair was even bigger.   Flashdance, a movie about a struggling dancer, had hit theatres, and spawned a fashion craze of leggings and off -the-shoulder sweatshirts.

If you are ready to recapture those days, head over to the Kennedy Center for Flashdance-The Muscial The musical, which is being shown at the Eisenhower Theatre,  is co-written by Tom Hedley, one of the original screenwriters of the film (a film that has become a cult classic and is celebrating its 30th anniversary).

The show stays honest to the movie, in both story and style (complete with that famous water scene).  The musical takes us on the journey of Alex Owens (played by Jillian Mueller), who works at a steel mill by day, and is a bar dancer at night.  Her dreams are to gain acceptance into a prestigious dance academy and eventually become a professional dancer.

Flashdance6 – Jillian Mueller as Alex Owens  and Matthew Hydzik as Nick Hurley – Photo by Jeremy Daniel

Jillian Mueller plays Alex Owens, and Matthew Hydzik is Nick Hurley in Flashdance-The Musical. (Photo by Jeremy Daniel)

Dancing is at the heart of this show, where the performers showcase an impressive range of ballet to breakdance, and for those too young to remember those days, the musical offers a great snapshot of the time.

Flashdance-The Musical  runs through January 19th at the Kennedy Center. For more information, you can go to

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