How to donate to red cross hurricane irma relief
How to donate to Red Cross Hurricane Harvey relief

SEC Basketball Returns to DC50 This January!

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SEC Basketball Returns to DC50 this January!
Don’t miss a minute of the action

Here’s DC50’s SEC Basketball Broadcast Schedule:

Saturday, January 11th
1:30pm  –  LSU @ South Carolina
4:00pm  – Alabama @ Georgia

Saturday, January 18th
1:30pm  –  Arkansas @ Georgia
4:00pm  –  Florida @ Auburn

Saturday, January 25th
1:30pm  –  Georgia @ Kentucky
4:00pm  –  South Carolina @ Missouri

Saturday, February 1st
1:30pm  –  USC @ Mississippi
4:00pm  –  Texas A&M @ Vanderbilt

Saturday, February 8th
1:30pm  –  Kentucky @ MSU
4:00pm –  Arkansas @ Vanderbilt

Saturday, February 15th
1:30pm  –  MSU @ Auburn
4:00pm  –  Alabama @ USC

Saturday, February 22nd
1:30pm  –  Georgia @ South Carolina
4:00pm  –  Arkansas @ MSU

Saturday, March 8th
1:30pm  –  Vanderbilt @ Mississippi
4:o0pm  –  South Carolina @ MSU

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