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From the Runways to the Streets: Spring/Summer Trends
Spring has sprung but you may not be able to tell from the 30 degree weather, however I can’t recall a time divas have let weather solely rule over their style decisions. They are all about suffering and sacrificing for that drug we all know as fashion so this spring/summer you can get your ‘fix’ in the form of cropped pants, glam trenches, mod and even some Nirvana inspired grunge to shake things up.



Justin Theroux’s All-American Style
ustin Theroux has a definitive style of jeans and boots. In a past interview done with Lifestyle Mirror he explains why he loves the all american look and just how it became his signature uniform.


Dressing Up the Bump
This is a challenge as old as time itself because as long as women have been having children they have been trying to dress their growing maternity frames. This is something Beyonce went through, Kim Kardashian is currently going through and if rumors are true Halle Berry may be going through again soon. Vogue decided to speak up and give tips for our expecting mothers to look equally fabulous this new spring season.



China Fashion Week Brings the Drama
It was traditional, bold and colorful with dramatic made up eyes to match, Chinese fashion week truly made a huge impact by touching all the right notes. It paid homage to everything that makes China special while mixing it with the trends that have been staples in fashion history. Take a look at some of the fabulous photo’s thanks to the Wall Street Journal.


Fashion’s Night Out 2013 Takes a Night Off
So it seems this year the world famous annual fashion night might not be happening, at least not in New York City. The event is going through a reevaluation process to see its actual worth and profitability, as designers have stated that their collections for NYFW tend to be very demanding in both time and resources. However, 19 other cities worldwide still plan to hold this event as scheduled.


By Kabba correspondent for Paul Wharton Style


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